Social Media Marketing has a big impact on digital marketing. Today, we know that almost everyone expresses themselves by using social media. This can be shown as evidence of how many customers the social media can reach. Social media does not directly affect your sales, but it causes you to be recognized and increase your user traffic. Since it is one of the digital marketing channels, you can witness that communication between companies and customers has also accelerated and changed. Using social media is the fastest way to reach customers, and it is also a way for results to reach us quickly.

Nowadays, taking part in social media has become an imperative for your brand, it is now an indispensable behavior to maintain this presence with social media ads. Voctos Digital Marketing Agency determines the best target audience according to your product with its expert staff in the field and displays the most powerful advertisement at the right time. It is that easy to walk to your goals with the right social media advertising agency.

Our smartphones that are always with us and the social media accounts we browse every second are the ideal platform to bring the right brand and the right audience. You can also promote your brands and services to new people with creative and effective social media ads , make them aware of you and even make online sales at that moment.

The reason why social media ads work so powerful and effective is detailed targeting. For example; Social media ads that are 24-35 years old, newly engaged, live in Cairo, have traveled abroad in the last 6 months, have been shopping online before and allow you to target point-shots, such as those dealing with x competitor brands, is an unstoppable force if managed with the right team. You can create. Can you achieve the same targeting with television ads or outdoor ads? We don’t think so.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing or SMM is a branch of internet marketing tree that includes all social networks to achieve the marketing goals that the customer aspires to. Social media marketing includes managing accounts on social media platforms, sharing marketing content such as textual content, images, and video clips for marketing purposes in addition to managing paid marketing ads on social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategies

In order for Social Media marketing to take place correctly and effectively, you need to set a strategy for yourself. We can define these strategies as follows:

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Content Marketing: Creating a social media marketing plan is very important. To attract the attention of your target audience, you need to conduct a research and determine keywords. At the same time, your plan should be created accordingly by researching what your competitors are doing.

Create good social content: In every marketing you make on social media, content will be the most important issue for you. Prioritize sharing content regularly and let your customers take advantage of it. If you cannot decide how the content you created will be, you can try to have higher quality content by consulting social media marketing agencies.

Consistent brand image: Using social media for marketing allows your brand to appear on different social media channels. This increases the image of your brand. While every platform has its own content, try to keep the image of your brand stable.

Social media for content promotion: Social Media is the best way to promote the content or blogs you post on your website. If you manage to leave a mark on this channel, the trust of users increases and the traffic of your site is increased with every share you make.

Follow your competitors: Aim to be different from them by researching how your competitors are sharing on social media.

Why do you need a social media management?

social media management

Your customers are on social media.
No matter what sector your company is in, your customers use social media daily. It is important to keep them connected and connected to your brand so that you are always the first choice.

There are people looking for your company.
If your company offers a product or service, you can bet that they are looking for companies that talk about and provide it. Our social media management service will help your business join the conversation and become new customers.

People are talking about your company on social media.
You should listen to what your customers are saying about your company on social media and respond to their concerns. Our social media management services focus on emphasizing the positive aspects of your company and sincerely responding to negative opinions.

Companies deserve expert social media management.
Most business owners and marketing managers do not have time to manage all social media channels. Each member of our company has been certified in social media management and our agency can help you achieve your marketing goals and a new customer base.




What We Promise?

1. With Facebook ads and Instagram ads , we reach the target audience that best suits your brand and service

2. We increase your site traffic with social media ads .

3. We turn the increasing site traffic into form or sales in line with your expectations.

4. We help you stand out from your competitors with creative social media ads .

5. By optimizing your advertising budget in the most appropriate way, we prevent you from wasting money and save your advertising budget.

6. We prepare new advertisements for people who have come to your site before, and enable you to contact them again.

How We Do It

1. Social Media Advertising Agency Vocots Digital Marketing is a team that has provided and continues to provide social media consultancy to leading brands in dozens of industries.

2. We have a right to the dynamics of many different sectors within themselves.

3. We have a right to the changing and developing structure of social media advertising every day.

4. We are not afraid of innovations and add it to our service area without wasting time.

5. We are facing the right people with creative advertisement texts, not ordinary ads.

Why We are Different?

As Social Media Advertising Agency Voctos Digital Marketing, we find and publish the most suitable advertising model for your brand and target audience among dozens of different advertising models. Instead of asking high advertising budgets, we save you money with the right advertising budget. You will not believe what you can achieve with the right advertisement at the right moment.

Keep in mind; Every minute you do not act, you are one step further from your goals.

Content Submission

You can immediately request information for an SMM service based on the current status of your accounts, your competitors and your level of competition.

Frequently Asked Questions about SMM Services

Building brand awareness and customer engagement are really great reasons for brands to opt for social media marketing! In addition to that:

  • Social media is a key driver of traffic to your website.
  • Social media influences buying behavior.
  • Customers expect and appreciate support via social media.

Increasing your rankings in the search engines also help you to improve conversion on your site. This means more return on your investment and more business coming to you.

People often buy from companies they trust, and a very effective way of connecting with your prospects and customers is through dialogues on social media sites. Just about every department in your business can be positively impacted by implementing a social media strategy.

Absolutely. Our team will be happy to consult with you to determine which social media strategies and platforms will best achieve results for your company.

Social Media Marketing is one facet of Search Engine Marketing. Social Media Marketing focuses on interacting with your market and sharing content globally with your customers. Search Engine Marketing is a broader term, encompassing many aspects of Internet Marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, Local search marketing, and so forth. Your Search Engine Marketing campaign should include Social Media Marketing, as it is an important step in succeeding online.

We use a variety of tools to analyze keywords across all industries. For each search phrase, we try to determine the search volume, the customer’s interest in the business, and the keyword’s competitiveness.

    SMM Services Quote

    You can immediately request information for an SMM service based on the current status of your accounts, your competitors and your level of competition. You will get a file that includes:

    A summary report that includes the most important problems of your accounts
    Unique SMM packages that suit your industry to be th #1 in social media
    Samples of our previous work, our clients, and the results we achieved for them