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We are a creative digital marketing and performance company that helps organizations achieve inspiring results.

Think for a moment, what if you get better performance than yesterday? If you go better step by step, putting on the previous day each day, what do you win?

From digital strategies, brands, websites, content, and digital marketing programs, everything we create is designed to continue to evolve. By making tens of hundreds of mathematical data comprehensible and using special solutions, we solve the problems we encounter every day and improve each day compared to the previous day. Because real digital impact requires creativity, labor and craft.

Asking “WHY?,, Thinking dinlemek WHY?,, Listening, analyzing and wondering“ WHY? ”Allows us to think from as many different perspectives as possible. Asking “HOW” every day will help us deliver better performance every day.

What is Creative Digital Performance Marketing?

Simply put, creative digital performance marketing is a passionate and persistent quest for “Better Practices ade rather than acceptance and implementation of existing“ Best Practices adan without question.

Best practices are acceptance, better practices do not settle for existing performance, want more every day. This approach is not to rediscover the world, but to optimize the world. Everything you know today changes, develops, in short, gets better. In order to compete, you must be better each day than the previous day.

Ultimately, marketing is shaped by human behavior. But human behavior changes. Think about your habits 10-15 years ago! When you stop even for a moment, best practices turn into pleasant memories of past results. That is why we strive to improve our practices every day.

Voctos SEO Process


We’il listen first. We listen to you, listen to your dreams, listen to your purpose. Then we examine your customers, competitors, your industry. We examine not only your local competitors but also your global competitors, your global sector. We reach tens, hundreds, sometimes thousands of data. In short, we conduct market research with a 360-degree approach.


We make all this data understandable. We sit side by side with you, passing each data set one by one, and sharing all our analyzes with you. Then we’il listen to you again. All this work has one purpose. Remove a complete digital marketing strategy! So:

  • Choosing the right platform for your target audience.
  • To reach the right audience with the right tone.
  • Make you more visible and more accessible to your customers.
  • To provide you with exactly what your customers need.
  • To make your customers a brand advocate.
  • To ensure optimum results at minimum cost.


We implement the strategy determined with you completely with our own resources. We analyze each stage before and after. We find creative solutions to every problem we encounter. Every day we progress by putting on the previous day. Moreover, we regularly present all of our work with mathematical data.


We have weekly or monthly meetings with you to implement our strategy quickly and, where appropriate, to change it quickly. We provide results based on mathematical data and share our solutions and suggestions. Every day we optimize each of our applications to improve from the previous day.


We always offer measurable solutions. We manage all platforms transparently on your behalf. We report every step we take on a regular basis, or let you follow it instantly from universal platforms. Thus, you can see clearly what results are obtained from which method, you can follow every step and you can easily measure the development.

Yeah, we put a lot of effort into it. We deal with each of your web pages individually. We take care of each of your customers individually. We constantly implement and optimize your strategy on every platform. Because we love our job.

For us, digital marketing is a passion, an art based on numbers!

Results You Can Measure

We have fulfilled our dream because at Smart Touch we are accustomed to not accepting regular service, and to continue to do so with every customer. Every step we take is directed towards excellence and dedication to originality and innovation.

350+ SEO Plan
We have prepared many successful SEO plans for our clients to reach the set goals.
240+ Monthly Report
We send monthly reports about our work and the results achieved.
130+ Marketing Campaigns
We have helped many customers reach their goals through advertising campaigns.
70+ Websites Created
We have great experience in designing websites compatible with search engines.

Why choose Voctos SEO?

Voctos SEO provides its clients with SEO and online marketing services.

Each client can expect Voctos SEO and their consulting SEO services to provide an individual bespoke and tailored SEO plan of action, which will contain various aspects of search engine optimisation and online marketing.

From the very beginning of a websites creation and launch online, right through to established business websites Voctos SEO, through its consulting SEO services, can become a key part of your business and provide that all important marketing service to push your website to the forefront of its business sector.

If you employ our services we will use a holistic seo approach analysing the entire web metrics of your site, in order to ascertain the best methods and techniques to achieve your own desired aims and goals.

On contacting us we will ask you as our potential client to complete pre SEO questions about your website which we request to be filled in prior to completing your Voctos SEO action plan and quotation.

At Voctos SEO we aim to provide the services to make your website optimised, competitive and successful within its field. We can enable your web site to be found online, using your company, organisation name, web address and keyword/keyphrase analysis to target people who are searching for company, products or services you offer.

If we have inspired you to “get your site seen!” then contact us now for your Voctos SEO Action plan and Quotation.

Challenge your competitors – Don’t Delay – Get your Voctos SEO Action Plan Today!.

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