We are a growth agency helping innovative brands increase revenue.

As Voctos SEO, our goal is to ensure that our customers are at the top of the Google rankings.

to provide their companies with products or services to more people. Together with our clear and transparent approach to our customers, our sole aim is to ensure that your company’s desired keywords are at the top of Google.

If you don’t want to lose your customers to your competitors and you want to work with an expert and reliable company, you are in the right place.

The founder of Voctos SEO, a company that enables companies to get higher rankings on Google and gain more customers. Egypt’s best SEO experts with training and experience in the industry to provide organic traffic to the web site to provide more sales to companies.

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We Offer 100% Success

With our knowledge and experience, we achieve traffic increase and 100% increase in our projects. As a company, we do not believe in chance factor, we adopt hard work. As we always say; We do not work with dirty information from the ear, but with scientific and experienced techniques. To describe our business, accurate analysis, clear reporting, continuous monitoring and good communication. When we combine these items with the right timing, success is inevitable. If you want to meet with a professional work instead of fake SEO firms that give sorting guarantees as if they have a magic wand, let us determine our roadmap together and achieve success.

We Believe in Transparency

Confidence is a problem in every sector. However, trust is more important in our industry. The biggest reason for this is that you entrust your website, which is your source of income, to an institution. We welcome this situation and as a company, we inform our customers at every step. At the same time, we provide instant follow up with our online SEO panel, which we offer to our customers. We share our work not as a secret but with trainings that our customers can understand. We provide special works by personalizing our projects that we have started over our installed system with the meetings we have realized. Everything at Voctos.com is clear.

We Provide Quality Service

We are aware that quality service is provided through expert communication and monitoring. Within the service you receive from us, your project manager can always communicate with you about the process and the situation. We keep our staff up to date with our in-house trainings and employ a team that does not change.

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Leave it to the Professionals!

Find a company that is professional in your business instead of companies that say I do every job! At voctos.com, our business is just SEO. We are ready to work in your project with our professional team and experience. We are proud to say that we serve with 100% customer satisfaction.

We realize that the biggest capital in our basket is working. More service options, we strive to improve ourselves for better results.
The way to reach more customers is going to win our existing customers. With this awareness, we take care of every detail. You are our winnings.
Success for us is to cause a happy thank you and a sincere smile. To this end, we focus on our business to care and improve every feedback.

Here are a few reasons to choose us!


We devote time to our customers and hold productive meetings. If necessary, our customers’ IT team, at our location
we provide one-to-one free trainings. We produce results-specific studies by producing special analyzes and solutions for each project.
We provide online analysis and report panel to our customers and enable them to follow their projects closely.
We communicate with our expert team, not as customer service, we provide the right technical information instantly.


As a 3 years marketing company, we took part in 100 successful internet projects.
We have continued our activities in the field of SEO agency for 7 years and contributed to +290 projects.
We work hard, we do good work. Within the constantly developing and changing Google algorithm, we serve giant projects and achieve success.
We are in Egypt in the center of cairo.
Let’s talk about the projects we have been working with and having a meeting in our office with coffee.


Proven and experienced projects that meet the experiences of our company, instead of ear-filling or trial and error methods
We are working with our techniques. We keep track of Google updates, and make custom analyzes and reports on your site.
We share all our experiences and Google updates with everyone on our blog for free.


We do not serve with marketing-oriented, hollow slogans, but with stable and institutional references. Growing with the references of our customers, we know the responsibility we take. Our work is a bridge between your site and search engines, we guide you to take the right steps. We raise the awareness of our customers and constantly communicate with them. In the continuation of projects with strong communication, we achieve success together.


We constantly analyze your website with the opinion and interest of our experts. Within the framework of the quality standards of our company, we carry out periodic continuous checks and determine meetings and short-term road maps when necessary. In our projects that we move forward step by step, we are fixing our success with lasting results.

How We Work

Organizational Management
We coordinate ideas with our members in each department to examine the project.
Focus Energy and Resources
We concentrate all our energy to make the business the best, and we focus our focus on finding the best resources.
Developing Critical Elements
We are working on improving all the data in terms of being compatible and reaching the point we want.
how we work Voctos