You can make a difference and stay ahead of your competitors by displaying the right ads in searches related to your brand and services on Google. With our completely performance oriented working system, our aim is to bring you what you want with the lowest cost. Whether your goals are filling out forms, product sales, brand awareness or meaningful traffic, Voctos SEO is ready to share our experiences with you!

What We Promise?

  1. Our goal is not to increase your advertising budget. Getting you the maximum return with the right advertising budget.
  2. We carry your Adwords ad quality score of 8 and above. Thus, we provide you to be listed higher with less cost. Is your score already too high? Then we raise it even more.
  3.  We are one step ahead of your competitors with creative advertising texts.
  4. We ensure that your customers take action with direct sales or form in line with your goals.
  5. We save the money you waste by avoiding the targets that are not right for you.
  6. We do not work with the offers left to the automation of Google, we control everything individually and individually.
  7. We are moving forward with the most effective segmentation by checking your region and city performances, the hours you have succeeded and failed, your mobile and desktop offers.
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How do we succeed?

1- We do detailed word research.

2- We offer sectoral perspective with competitor analysis.

3- By strengthening the relationship you establish between advertising and keywords, we strengthen our control by making highly relevant and highly relevant campaigns.

4- We report it periodically and present all results with transparency.

Why Are We Different?

1- We have worked with dozens of leading brands in the industry and we continue to work. We have a right to the dynamics of many industries.

2- We frequently communicate with you not only during the meetings but also during the day.

3- We want to prove ourselves.

4- Our individual experiences from the past are incredible. When you meet us, you will hear our terrific success story.




We review historical data in your account by blending it with current data and setting it up to ensure maximum efficiency.


Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but we don't know which half we are trying to maximize data measurement.


After measuring the data, we make it meaningful and ready for optimization.


We've got all the data and waiting for action. We take the necessary action to maximize the efficiency you receive from ads.


FAQ about Google Ads

The advertisement you allocate varies according to your budget and your expectations from the advertisement. We can achieve correct results by planning according to your industry and the competition in that sector.

Service fee varies for e-commerce and corporate companies. For a fixed fee up to a certain fee, commission-based progress is made.

It appears on websites that Google has an agreement with, along with the Google search network and partners.

Years Industry Experience
Market Leader Customer
Custom Reporting
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As a team constantly evolving and managing online advertising campaigns with passion, we closely follow the latest developments in Google. In this field, we proudly acquire certificates of search advertising, shopping ads, display ads, mobile ads and analytics certificates.

There is no trust in agencies.
Why should I trust you?

Other agencies may be making money by spending you. We put our hands under the stone and get a commission based on the performance we set. If we do not bring good results, we cannot make money. So, I like premium deals and result oriented offers. We have a great business precedent with many clients in different countries and the results testify to us, Google Ads campaign management has been our game for more than 7 years. We can reach your goal with lowest cost and high quality.

So what do you gain from advertising with us?

We take out all the searches that we have created by doing research for you, which we think are the most correct for you, to find your services and brand. Then, we start creating a traffic in the most accurate average position and the most affordable price by passing through a filter to bring you a return. We ensure that your potential customers find the information and product they want to find in the search engine right now with your most accurate target page and find you directly and not miss your service.

    SEO Services Quote

    You can immediately request information for an SEO service based on the current status of your website, your competitors and your level of competition. You will get a file that includes:

    A summary report that includes the most important problems of your website
    Unique SEO packages that suit your website to be #1 in search engine results
    Samples of our previous work, our clients, and the results we achieved for them