Voctos SEO Agency provides customized corporate SEO consulting services by getting to know their customers closely.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be thought of as a set of rules inside and outside the site that will increase your site to the top rankings in search and word search engines. If you look at the search engine you can see that the utilization rate in Egypt has a share of around 95% of Google. For this reason, the services provided within the scope of SEO consulting are generally shaped according to Google’s algorithm. The new algorithms and updates frequently announced by Google are followed closely and a new road-map is prepared for the brands and websites we provide consultancy. SEO is not the only truth accepted by the Voctos SEO agency is the only truth.

SEO consulting; software, design and content. Because many factors, from the link network of your site to the nature of its content, directly affect your position in Google search results. Therefore, one of the most important factors is the fact that the team that you will receive corporate SEO consultancy is an expert in software, content and web design.

During the SEO consultancy, continuous performance monitoring should be performed with advanced SEO tools and the updates that Google publishes periodically should be closely monitored.

You can also consider making SEO work by including SEO experts in your staff. However, in this case, you should definitely have a software, design and content team to support your SEO specialist. You should also be sure of the competence of the SEO specialist you employ. When you consider these requirements, getting professional SEO consultancy from a specialized aeo agency will help you achieve faster and more sustainable results at less cost.

Voctos SEO Agency’s expert SEO, web design, software and content team work diligently to increase your visibility and rank in search results, analyze and report all developments transparently. He uses the most advanced methods and SEO tools in his studies and closely follows all global developments. Voctos Digital carries out its activities by taking into consideration all legal obligations of the sector in which you operate.

Voctos SEO Agancy, which shows the status of its customers in figures with the performance report prepared regularly every month, shows the results it promises with all transparency. Voctos SEO Agency also does not require customers to sign a binding contract for a long time. If there is customer dissatisfaction at the end of each month, the service contract can be terminated without penalty. This feature, which is an indicator of our trust in our agency and expertise, is the most important indicator of our success rate that we have added over the years.

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Every day it becomes more difficult to compete in the search engines, and SEO remains the best solution ... Be #1 in the search results and multiply the number of visitors to your website and your profits through the SEO service.

What We Promise?

1- We make your site appear in the top positions in both word and visual searches.
2- We increase the number of visitors to your site and thus your income.
3- We are increasing the duration of the site by providing richer content to the users coming to your site.

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How do we succeed?

1- We listen to your brand, its operation and your demands.
2- We learn your future plans and where you want to position the online channel within these plans.
3- We conduct detailed competition and sector analysis.
4- We determine SEO strategies specific to you.
5- We do SEO analysis for your website and determine the points that need to be developed and corrected.
6- We are starting to take all the necessary actions with our SEO, software, design and content teams.
7- While we are constantly monitoring your performance with advanced SEO tools, we focus on developer aspects by reporting at the same time.

Why Are We Different?

As Voctos SEO Agency, we make a difference among many agencies providing SEO services with their result oriented staff who know what they want. We aim to develop your line in digital networks by using legal means while creating creative projects for your needs and managing your brand and corporate personality professionally.

We also state that we prioritize the benefits of your corporate brand and personality while performing all these services.

Together, you will see that you are rapidly moving forward in google searches for the key words we will identify, and you will not believe the power of SEO managed in the right hands.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Services

Marketing is the basic need for a company to sustain and grow its life cycle. SEO is also a company’s marketing investment. In the period when the internet is so popular in every segment, if you want to exist on the internet and gain new customers by reaching high masses, you must exist on Google. You can start working with an expert SEO agency in this field immediately.

The cost of an SEO campaign varies depending on the targeted keywords, the history of your website, the sector, and the amount of work needed to achieve your goals. We work with businesses of all sizes and have affordable solutions that deliver real results. Please contact us for free consultation and quotation.

Being on Google, being in the top ranks and being permanent requires a period of 3 months to 12 months. The most important criteria that determine this time interval are the compatibility of your website with the Google algorithm, the presentation of the site, its dynamic structure, its planned according to its target audience and the volume of competition in the industry. As VOCTOS.COM, we are conscious and experienced in this period and processes.

When we rank high on Google, we will start getting organic traffic increases. Our traffic increase rates are on average between 10% and 60% every month compared to the previous month. Every month, our customers are included in KPI reports, ranking follow-ups, traffic reports etc. We make presentations with graphics.

We use a variety of tools to analyze keywords across all industries. For each search phrase, we try to determine the search volume, the customer’s interest in the business, and the keyword’s competitiveness.

    SEO Services Quote

    You can immediately request information for an SEO service based on the current status of your website, your competitors and your level of competition. You will get a file that includes:

    A summary report that includes the most important problems of your website
    Unique SEO packages that suit your website to be th #1 in search engine results
    Samples of our previous work, our clients, and the results we achieved for them