SEO Optimization
Did you know that every second 2.4 million people search the Google search engine for the information they want? With regular SEO works, we ensure that you are listed in the top rankings in google searches related to your sector and we create strategies to increase traffic to your website.
Search Engine Marketing
Advertising budget is not an expense but an investment. You can get ahead of your competitors and make a difference in your industry with Google ads that will help you find more potential customers by creating more traffic for your website.
Social Media Marketing
Social media is not just sharing. You need to interact with creative content tailored to your industry and brand language. The dynamic power of social media will always be behind you with the advertising strategies prepared to reflect your brand in the best way with shares.
Are you looking to rank #1 on Google for your company’s website?

Welcome to VOCTOS.COM

Are you interested in starting a pay-per-click campaign?

We can provide you with all of that and more. We are an experienced VOCTOS SEO consultant and PPC campaign management company. We have been in the SEO business for over 6 years and have provided top search rankings for many companies and local businesses. We believe that optimizing your website is the most important step that you can take for your business.

Website Analysis & Diagnostics

The first service that we will provide to you after determining your needs, will be diagnosing your site and making it SEO ready for all of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo & MSN. We will create an in detail SEO campaign for our SEO services and a price quote, to bring you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Shopping Ads
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Full Service SEO Campaigns

An SEO campaign does take time to show results. Our campaigns have proven to work numerous times. If we find that something is not working for you, we will reevaluate your campaign and optimize it to provide results. Our SEO package prices are comparable to other SEO companies out there, for the targeted keywords that you would like to focus on.

We are trained in the art of Search Engine Optimization. We will define your current position within the major search engines, uncover available opportunities based on market research and develop an SEO campaign that brings real measurable results. We provide SEO solutions for two channels; Referral Partners and Customer Direct.

“Facing the competition – it’s not about 99% anymore, that extra 1% counts!”

Social networking

Technology has changed the way a business seeks their client’s attention. A lot of options, including blogs, podcasts, YouTube, LinkedIn, Face book, Wikipedia, among other things – have given us an unprecedented opportunity to form their impression of your business.


Voctos SEO Services

We provide comprehensive, contemporary products & services.
Utilizing the latest options available and tracking that are consistently monitored, we will develop a campaign strategy unique to you and your business. Here are just some of the ways that we can do that.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management
Sometimes the best solution is a combination of SEO & PPC products.

Very competitive pricing
Multiple SEO Packages that vary in cost and length of campaign, to fit every budget and need.

Reputation management services
We are experienced in re-establishing a good “Google resume” and counterbalancing negative content about you or your organization, if not getting it eliminated all together.

Designated Voctos SEO with detailed tracking and analysis.
We will stay up to date with your organization’s needs and will constantly monitor your campaign strategy.

We will keep you up to date with your site’s performance.
We will conduct monthly conference calls with report analysis & campaign evaluation.

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Lead Generation
SEO with Unique Lead Generation Program
White Hat SEO
Persist position on Google with White Hat SEO
Brands Visibility
With our unique and effective approach, enhance brands visibility and recognition.