Guest posting is a great way to establish authority in your industry. Share your knowledge and expertise with a new audience, and maybe send some customers your way. Thousands of sites accept guest bloggers, here is a list of sites that are specific to the design industry.

Writers that work in web design and other related fields have many options when it comes to sharing a post online with a reputable blog. There are many web and graphic design blogs that allow guest posts and encourage writers to submit an article.

These blogs are constantly looking for material on web design, Photoshop, prototyping, tutorials, opinion pieces, freebies, and so much more. Do you have an industry-related idea that you would like to share through a blog post? Here is a list of ten web design blogs that accept guest posts.

1. SitePoint

This web design website was created to inspire and engage those in the web community through content that is informative. SitePoint is a place where developers can share with one another their passion for building things on the internet. They welcome all web professionals including developers, designers, programmers, product creators, and other entrepreneurs.

They have also built a community of contributors, and they always welcome new writers to join that community. In future months, they will be focusing on topics such as Node, Angular, UX prototyping, and Vue. They ask new writers to first fill out a form to see if they will be a good fit for SitePoint. If approved, they will add new writers to a pool of other writers to discuss upcoming work. They are looking to pay contributors that are fully committed, on time every time, and care about the reader.

2. Web Design Central

Web Design Central is a blog dedicated to providing resources to website designers. Readers of the blog will find information for WordPress websites, tips for social media, ways to make your website more interactive, and so much more. They are currently looking for guest bloggers to help promote content. They are looking for well-written posts between 200 and 800 words on subjects such as web design tutorials, how-to articles for freelance web designers, ways small businesses can enhance their website, and ways small business can increase sales with their website.

Those interested in writing for Web Design Central will need to submit content that is original that does not appear anywhere else. Posts submitted should be about a specific subject, show your personality in the article, and cite real world instances to help prove points.

3. Web Designer Depot

Writers at Web Designer Depot deliver insights on design, user experience, and freelancing. This community of readers and writers share real world experiences with one another through their blog posts. The blog is passionate about standards, accessibility, clean code, and responsible design.

Web Designer Depot is looking for quality articles on cutting edge design topics. Those interested in writing guests posts for them should send them a brief email outlining their personal experiences and articles that they would like to submit. They will pay for articles that are approved and posted on the blog.

4. Web Design Ledger

This blog features articles on web design, graphics, web development, CMS, and more. Web Design Ledger posts articles about web design and the development community. Anyone with experience as a writer or blogger is able to write about development related topics. They are currently looking for design related articles, opinion pieces, extensive tutorials, and helpful topics for beginners and advanced designers. Those looking to guest post and contribute articles can contact them and send links to previous works and writing.

5. Design Shack

Design Shack publishes articles about web design, trends, business, mobile, and so much more. Their articles keep you up-to-date with the latest trends, changes, and other developments in the web design and graphic industry. They want writers that can write about interesting design concepts in their own informative style. They open up submissions for new writers randomly, and potential writers will need to check their website or follow them on twitter to find out when they are looking for new contributors.

6. Graphic Design Junction

Their articles feature writers that have published posts about WordPress, Photoshop, web design, typography, and more. They are looking for original pieces that have not been published elsewhere. Writers looking to be published on their website should contact them with their full name, their website URL, a short byline, and a link to their Gravatar.

7. DesignQuote

DesignQuote created a place to connect clients looking for work with designers from around the world. Their blog includes articles about creating a business plan, project management for designers, tips for a successful e-commerce website, and much more. They look for guest posts articles that are well written, interesting, unique, and informative.

They are looking for writers with great ideas for small business owners and designers. Those looking to submit an article to DesignQuote will need to fill out a form. The form will include the author’s name, URL, email, post title, and post content.

8. Web And Designers

This blog features articles that help solve problems for web developers, designers, and audiences in similar professions. They welcome those in the industry to discuss their problems and how to find the solutions. They are looking for creative work that is related to inspirations, tutorials, freebies, and more.

If you are a creative writer with something new to add in the web design and graphic world, then Web And Designers welcomes you. If interested, you will simply need to contact them about your interest in writing a guest post, and they will further discuss with you about any potential articles.

9. Designrfix

Designrfix covers a a wide range of topics including web design, Photoshop tutorials, design tools, and much more. They accept articles dealing with the most informative news on design and technology. Some of their current most demanded article topics include Photoshop, graphic design, web roundups, freebies, and inspirational work.

Those looking to be published on Designrfix should submit original articles that provide the correct links, a minimum of 1,000 words, and well-written. Writers can submit their article through a simple form located on the website.

10. TechWyse

TechWyse accepts well-written articles and guest posts covering SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, website analytics, website design, conversion optimization, and online innovation. They are also open to guest posts with new ideas and encourage potential writers to submit them. Those looking to submit an article are required to give their full name, website URL, Gravatar account, short byline, and blog entry.