Top SEO Tips: We see so much on the web today about SEO and for good reason! It is the single most important piece to success for an online business. Let’s face it, we can’t get a business card to every single potential client across the globe, and even if we did, half of those clients would lose the card.

What we have today is search engines that can get us what we want when we want it. We can search for your business and find it…or can we? If you haven’t looked into optimizing your site for Google, MSN, and Yahoo, then you’re missing out on a large market. More and more people depend on the search engines for finding what they want, whether its information on a topic they are researching, what type of memory their laptop takes, to the name of the company that they saw at the Trade Show the other day.You can get more information about SEO for your business.

Being on the 1st page of results is worth quite a bit of money on a competitive search term. If you sell Comics online and you are the #1 search listing when searched for “comic books” then you are doing very well for yourself.

SEO Rank

Best SEO Tips – If you are new to SEO

If you are new to SEO  then you are going to need patience no matter how much you read. There are ways to get indexed very fast that are against the search engines policies and I highly discourage ever trying this as you can be black listed quite quickly. (Search engines are brilliant). 10 SEO Tips to be 1# on Google:

  1. Relevant text links – what I mean by this is, having sites that link to your site with a keyword as the link. Instead of having a ‘click here’ to go to this website you would have ‘Comic Books’ as the link. Search Engines love this.
  2. Number of links to your site – The more links there is out there, the more times Google and the other followers will be driven to your site. This helps your page rank as well as your search listing.
  3. Keywords in title tag – This is a must have. Make sure at least a few of your pages have your keywords in your tags. This is just another simple way of telling the search engines what’s important on your site.
  4. Keywords density – A site with the use of your keywords in the body of your site will help as well. Do not overuse these as it can hinder the quality and readership of your site. The easiest way to do this is try to aim for using at least 1 keyword every paragraph.
  5. Keywords in URL – If your url includes a keyword Eg. (which is web page for the Memorial VideosI create for lost loved ones) has the wordmemorial video in it then you get brownie points with the search engines.
  6. Age of Site – I personally dislike this but search engines do like sites that have been around for awhile. If you know of a URL that you want for your business that is already in use, it may be wise to try and purchase the URL. I have to warn you though; most people ask ridiculous prices for URL’s right now.
  7. Use the Search Engine tools – Sign up and consistently use MSN, Yahoo, and Google tools. Add your website to their directories, make yourself known, and you will see fast indexing of your site.
  8. Social Networking – What does social networking have to do with SEO? Everything! Make sure you are using as many social sites as you can to get people going to your site/reviewing your site/linking to your site. It all helps. Some of the larger sites to start with
  9. Write a Blog – Do what I am doing right now. Write quality content for others. Once you have your site up and running talk about your products or your niche. It’s a great way for the online community to get to know you and hear what you have to say as well.
  10. BE PATIENT – If you are going to succeed in Ecommerce you must have a goal, and knowing that with time, comes success. Nothing, well besides Facebook and a few other apps, happen overnight. Use the previous 9 tips to your advantage and dominate your market by being the best at what you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Does SEO increase my sales?

Yes. SEO can increase the visibility of a website in search results. This increased visibility allows your potential customers to learn more about your products or services.

⭐ What is the difference between SEO and CPC?

SEO is a digital marketing strategy to increase organic search traffic and increase their position in search results. This strategy has significantly improved ROI over time compared to traditionally Paid Search. The benefit of CPC is that it begins to realize traffic and sales much earlier. SEO and CPC are the necessary internet marketing strategies for almost every business.

⭐ How does the search engine work?

When we enter any query in the search bar, many different algorithms compete to raise the results higher in the list. These algorithms use a kind of Word-Embedding to convert phrases into multidimensional vectors representing their meaning.